As part of my #getagrip campaign, inov-8 were kind enough to send me a pair of their new TRAILROC 285s to test out before general release and use in the lead up to racing the Squamish50. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the shoes and some of their awesome features!

The TRAILROC 285 is a new model of the old TRAILROC shoe, which was discontinued a little while back and also a favourite with the obstacle running scene. The new model contains some of the DNA of the old but has moved forward a level in its redesign. The new TRAILROC 285s are specifically designed for trail running on hard-packed and rocky ground, providing more protection, grip and comfort over longer miles.

What do I like most about the shoe? Well, the one thing I noticed straight off with this shoe was the amount of stability in it, but that it also that it felt very light at the same time; even though it has a slightly heavier weight of 285g, compared to that of the new TRAILROC270 model. It is a tough shoe due to the terrain it is designed for but it also makes you feel very protected at the same time and very light on your feet for a faster turnover.

I also love the minimalistic look of the shoe and the fact it is mainly black and especially contains no pink (hurrah!!). The shoes look sleek and the purple sole gives it a hint of electricity as you pass over the trails.

What are the main features you should note in this shoe?

Superior grip like never before. New studs cut through loose debris and deliver superior grip on hard trail underneath.

  • Next generation rock plate ensures the best in underfoot protection against sharp stones and rocks.
  • External toecap shields toes from accidental trips and kicks.
  • Increased heel stability and mid-foot lockdown for the ultimate in support.
  • New Powerflow+ midsole boasts 10% better rear-foot shock dispersion and 25% better forefoot propulsion than standard midsoles.
  • Tri-C sticky rubber increases grip and durability. The hardest, most durable rubber is on the heel, with a soft rubber up the centre for increased traction and a medium rubber on the edges for grip and security with every foot strike.
  • Run in comfort. The TRAILROC 285 features a lightweight, breathable upper material is seam-free, so there’s no irritation for the foot inside the shoe.

The real test for me will be when I hit the trails in Canada to see how the shoes fare over harsh rocky terrain and hard packed trail, but so far these shoes run like a dream and don’t feel weighty or uncomfortable!

Find out more about the shoes here for women and here for men. They are priced currently at £140 on the inov-8 website.


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